Legal aspects of casinos in India

In India, casinos are governed by Public Gambling Act of 1867. This act ...

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Casino- The Good And Bad

Casino is a business where it is the duty of the company to extract as much money as possible from the customer and to send their customers home with a smile.  There are many casino games available, some of which are permitted by law and are online. In a casino game, the players bet. Every bet made has a probability of winning or losing. The players gamble casino chips, on various possible random outcomes or combination of outcomes. The casino games can be played for pure entertainment outside the casinos like in parties, school competitions, on machines that stimulate gambling.

Legal aspects of casinos in India:

In India, casinos are governed by Public Gambling Act of 1867. This act prohibits any individual owning or being in charge of a casino. The fine for violating this rule is Rs. 200 or imprisonment up to 3 months.  In Indian states, each state is allowed to formulate their own gambling rules. Of the 7 union territories and 29 states in India, only 7 are legal. Currently; only Goa, Daman and Diu, and Sikkim are legal to allow gambling in casinos.

Online casinos are still not yet established in India and in our country it is illegal to fund the online casinos without using our currency ‘the rupees.’  In India the minimum age for gambling is set as 21 years.

Advantages of casinos:

  1. Easy access: Gambling in casinos can be played comfortably sitting at home without anyone disturbing you or asking you to stop playing by having online access to gamble. These online gambling sites are easily accessible. With online casinos, just a few clicks you can play and earn or lose money. This is the most comfortable and prolific way of gambling and earning money.
  2. Convenience: The online casinos are very convenient and easy to play whenever needed. You don’t need to have a prior appointment fixed. The cost of transportation is saved and also the extra money spent on parking and dining outside is also saved. The benefit is because online casinos are home run gambling option.
  3. Comfort: Casinos are generally very posh places or are attached to star properties and thus it is very comfortable. It is a total heaven on earth for the gamblers to be in such luxurious and posh places. You can even munch on anything you want or can have few pegs. With online gambling you can relax on the sofa and gamble.
  4. Good option of better odds: Unlike the brick and mortar casinos, there are no overhead charges with online gambling options. The employees are very less, no bills like the electricity, and no property taxes. It is better for online casinos to manage their expenses on a monthly basis.
  5. Play for less: There is a fixed amount allotted for each game in the virtual casinos. But in casinos you can play any game with hardly any money in hand. It is very ideal for beginners and amateur gamblers to try their luck in gambling.

Disadvantages of online gambling:

  1. Technical issues: The technical issues are common in any online portals. Similar is the situation with online gambling. There may arise a situation where the money transferring may be hampered or the casino itself might get disconnected.
  2. Delay in payment: In brick and mortar casinos, the winning amount will be deposited in your account immediately. Whereas, in online forms there is a delay in depositing money into personal account again.
  3. Loss: There may be huge loss incurred in online gaming unlike the virtual gambling.
  4. Anxiety and depression: With losses comes the emotional abuse of a man in online gambling. Unlike virtual gambling, here the person is alone while gambling and if any loss has no company to share his feelings and emotions. The chances of depression and anxiety are much more.

Casinos are good as well as bad. Their effects have to be weighed before investing in it and gambling not to lose money rather make some profit. It is a royal game where a jackpot too can be earned by following all the rules of the game if luck is in favour.