Dear ClickBank DUBturbo affiliates::

It’s been an amazing 3 years of growth for us, and we owe a lot of that to you loyal affiliates. You’ve been there with us through thick and thin, through competitors, attacks, and delayed upgrades... to helping create a great lucrative business for all involved.

I knew the day would come that DUBturbo might experience a lot of turbulence and backlash from our affiliates, and we’ve weathered a lot of storms. For every 1000 amazing whitehat affiliates, there’s probably a dozen or so absolutely blackhat/questionable affiliates to contrast the good. In this eco-system, that’s sometimes all it takes to kill what would be a lucrative longer term successful affiliate program.

We’ve unfortunately come to a cross roads where the benefits of having an affiliate program are not anywhere equal to the loss we are experiencing and damage control we seem to constantly be on due to overboard campaigns and these dirty dozen (however we have had 56,000 affiliates, not 1000, that’s a lot of dirty dozens)…

Due to recent unfortunate events - we have decided to suspend the dubturbo affiliate program effective immediately until we have a more transparent system in place where each affiliate is profiled and held accountable for any illegal activity to us or any third party or brand harmed during your promotions. You are still accountable now, however getting your info takes a longer legal process than if we have you on file, profiled, and can reach out to you directly.

We hope this happens when we launch 2.5 or shortly after, and we will start to implement a white-list where after each successful interview and full profiling session - you will be approved manually for the program and campaign commission will go back to normal.

In the interim :: We can’t simply ‘turn off’ the program. We have rebills, upsells, different commission structures, etc. So while we are in limbo:

* All affiliates who have rebills will continue to get their monthly commission un-interrupted until they cancel.

* We’ve had over 56,000 affiliates promote us from 220 countries and make sales in over 70 of them since launching. This is colossal, and removing this system is not something we are enjoying having to do. However, we are no longer able to, nor wish to have anonymous clickbank affiliates represent the brand.

* Our network does not allow vendors to have contact with or screen affiliates directly through their system – perhaps due to security or other creative fraud that that might allow, so we have been forced to remove our program and not only start over, but really heavily think about how to incorporate this when we are ready. There are 30,000+ other products you are free to promote in the meantime at ClickBank as you've been doing for our brand - if you'd like to change your links to other vendors while we restructure we encourage it, and deeply apologize for any inconvenience or loss this sensitive move may have caused anyone.

Thank you,
The DUBturbo team.





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