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DUBstep To Urban - Up to 4500+ Samples - THIS Is The Ultimate Collection! If YOU have been searching for an OUT OF THIS WORLD DUBSTEP & URBAN sample library - you've hit the jackpot! These collections have been in dev for over 3 years, all have been mastered with precision, everything goes by an easy to follow naming convention, it's just banana's

1600, 3K, or 4.5K choices
44.1 .WAV Stereo 16-bit
Processed Beautifully
Comes w/Software (optional)
1-shots Drums Synths Vox
FX Sirens Const.Kits Bass!!

3000 Samples + Software

 Samples & Software
 One Installer For Mac & PC

PREMIUM Sample Lib

$$ Download Samples >>


$$ Download Samples >>

DUBturbo Software::

If you're here because you're checking out the DUBturbo sequencer and you're new to all this - please GO TO OUR DUBTURBO SOFTWARE PAGE and scroll down for full details and some videos on how it works.

Pros ::

THIS IS THE MOTHERLOAD OF SAMPLE LIBRARIES!! Not just scooped from the web but countless passionate hours poured over 3 years and counting to keep this up to date! Add some BANG BANG to your studio for a great price.



Check out a quick overview video.


(each kit has 10 sounds - EVERY sound is manually crafted to pound)


Take a look at the diversity and easy naming convention.


44.1 | stereo | 16 & 24bit | .wav

All custom made, you won't find these anywhere, and they are all mastered beautifully for that boom boom pow finish.

1,185 wobbles/dub
1,800 drumshots
800 Voxes & Vocals
820 C note spannable
3 yrs in dev. 443 folders
200 wobbleBoss samples
No loops, 4,600+ samples!


Simply wicked samples, lot's of POWER drums (oh those snares!!) wubs, womps, bass drops, climbers, lil' yaya's, modern talking, screams, risers, lows, some pads, some single shots, lot's of variation in these and most of the longer samples are mastered at 140bpm for traditional dubstep integration right away.

It's a great set for any level producer and will be an amazing addition to your existing portfolio of samples.

You get our library, some of the dubturbo & wobbleboss sounds, and additionally you get tons of sounds NOT being sold ANYWHERE yet. Custom, mostly aimed at urban & dubstep, and mostly a combination of both wobbles and drums.

Comes in easy to browse well categorized folders for easy implementing into your gear right away.

**Compatible with any/all gear that accepts .wav files. We've used them with Maschine, the EXS sampler, Cubase as midi triggered patterns, ableton w/pads..


Mastered, processed just right, ready for your DAW/Sampler.

Another Look At What You Get:

D.T. Software Sequencer - $39.95!!
Over 3000 Samples - Use w/other gear
Training Videos - Produce Trap in minutes
*NEW :: DUB & RAGGVOX Samples - incl.
---- 60 Day Refund Policy
---- Free Upgrades For Life!

  >> Samples & Software >> $39.95 Limited Offer
 One Installer For Mac & PC

Already Got DUBTurbo?

WICKED DUB Library - Wubwub wooooomp - This signature sample library is from our 'cream of the drop' selections, 3 years worth of chops. 1600 WICKED samples broken down into easy categories and types (voxes, wubs, subs, drums, fx...). Use with any gear/daw/sampler.

>> Download Samples >> $89.95 Limited Offer
Come as 44.1 | .wav | Stereo


Just want the samples? We got you~! Grab all our DUBturbo/Masterproducers libraries in one awesome collection. You'll need some time to go through all of these & we're confident you'll appreciate the diversity/quality of each sound. Grab it now while on special.

>> Download Samples >> $119.95 Limited Offer
Come as 44.1 | .wav | Stereo

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System Requirements For The Software

Intel-based Macs only
1 GB RAM (or greater)
OS X 10.6 (or greater)
900 MB free space on OS drive
Pentium 4 (or greater)
1 GB RAM (or greater)
Windows XP (SP 2 recommended)
900 MB free space on OS drive
2 GHz (or greater)

**NOTE: YOU ALSO GET TWO (2) LICENSES TODAY - So you can give somebody else a fully authorized copy, or you can run it on two of your own machines - both are identical without any limitations or differences. Enjoy!!